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No Reason
Hard day at the office
I just find it very appropriate at the moment


Russell Tice
Hard day at the office
Just the tip of the iceberg, Cry oh beloved country.


Hard day at the office

I stayed in Mumbai (Bombay as it was back in the early 70's) and have always held a particular fondness for the people there rich and poor who gave me my first enlightenment to a vast and rich culture. 

Oh God, lead us from the
unreal to the Real.

Oh God, lead us from darkness to light.

Oh God, lead us from death to immortality.
Shanti, Shanti, Shanti unto all.
Oh Lord God almighty, may there be peace in
celestial regions.

May there be peace on Earth.
May the waters be appeasing.

May herbs be wholesome, and may trees
plants bring peace to all. May all beneficent
beings bring peace to us.

May all things be a source of peace to us.
And may thy peace itself, bestow peace on all
and may that peace come to me also.


The Circle has been completed
Hard day at the office

I bought my first game machine yesterday, small beer when you consider the problems of the world but given my total lack of knowledge of such items it proved the old adage of what goes around comes around.  I wanted to get a Nintendo Wii so off to the game store I trotted where I was confronted by an assistant whom I swear must have by-passed the child labor laws. 

Me:- I would like to by a Dubya Eye Eye (Wii) please
Assistant: - You want a Wee ?
Me:- (Thinks) It cannot be the British meaning of the word so play along and try not to act ignorant.
ME:- The game machine ?
Assistant:- (Realizing  he has one of the ancients on his hands) yes

And so he promptly sold me a lot of boxes, the machine and a number of apparent must haves, and off I went.  Why mention this?  Well way back in 1964 I wanted to purchase my own record player (a Dansette 10 disc changer) and, with Father in tow, I went to the store.
Father:- My Boy wishes to purchase a Gramophone.
Me: Cringing in embarrassment and thinking how out of touch these old people are.

The circle is complete  I have become my Father.

What we do today
Hard day at the office
I have not felt as hopeful as this since Bobby Kennedy was running for the Presidency nor have I ever wished that a Democrat be elected as much as I do today.  Of course if my candidate were running it would be over before the first debate unlesss someone has the idea of Democrats for Dumbledore.  

Obama 297 Electoral votes is my prediction (270 needed to win)

republicans for voldemort


Lest we forget
Hard day at the office


A long time ago I made a promise, this is the first part, the last will be in Yokohama.

Ship Building 101 for Maia
Hard day at the office


Class 3b Inserting an Air Conditioning unit 

      Step 1 Make space for the unit


Next week Step 2 (Installing the Air Conditioner in a Fog Bank whilst dodging the French)


In the News
Hard day at the office
MSNBC: Bush cites Iraq sucesses

I wonder what he did for the other 49 seconds.

Salem in Alaska

The Presentence Reports are being submitted, for those that are not aware of the judiciary system, this means that they tote up previous convictions etc and apply it to the sentence guidelines, however in this instance they will more than likely give the max regardless.  Justice should always be blind, not blinded by revenge nobody will come out winning, we all lose in this case.     

Free-spirited wanderer set Obama’s path
Hard day at the office
From an article in todays New York Times, Barack  Obama pays tribute to his Mother, a free spirited wanderer.  

To those whose life takes them along roads less travelled may their wanderlust reign for ever and may their return enrich all those they touch.

Wandering re-establishes the original harmony which once existed between man and the universe

Anatole France

Maiaflower (Gods bless all those that sail in her)
Hard day at the office


Given Maia's penchant to overachieve I can reveal the design for the overhaul of her boat.  Welcome aboard the Maiaflower.